Acoustic absorbing cupboard doors are strongly perforated in the core to optimise absorption capacity. To ensure stability of the cupboard doors, we provide a full edge frame at the core of  approx. 50 mm and, depending on the height, 1 or 2 horizontal transverses. Due to the acoustic black MDF core, this is almost invisible. 

When designing and installing acoustic cupboard doors, you must take into account the following areas of concern:

  • max width of 600 mm
  • max height of 3000 mm
  • first and last hinge at 125 mm from the edge
  • double hinge to be provided at the top
  • distance between hinges max 352 mm
  • spacers on back side of the door
  • cupboard magnets (3 magnets divided across the height)
  • In case of high cupboards, one permanent shelf is installed halfway the height of the cupboard. This shelf must be in the plane of the body.