Technical information

How do our acoustic absorbing solutions work?

We develop our acoustic absorbing panels to absorb and reduce all kinds of annoying noises in rooms. This increases the acoustic comfort, also in areas with larger audiences and a lot of background noise. Improved acoustics imply a reduction of sound reflection as well as sound resonance time and level. This improved comfort is achieved by transforming sound into mechanic energy (vibration or heat) in the panel and the underlying wool. Part of the energy of the sound wave which comes into contact with our panel is reflected back into the room. Another part is absorbed by the material and the last part goes through the panel into the underlying insulation layer.

Helmholtz resonance
Today, various absorption methods can be used to reduce the reveberation in an area. Our acoustic absorbing panels use the principle of Helmholtz resonance, ideal for lower and middle frequency sounds, f.i. the human voice. The panels of Woodcoustics consist of an MDF core with top layer in veneer and an acoustic absorbing spun glass fabric on the back or in the middel. The preforation of the panel results in the principle of the Helmholtz resonance, a mass springing system to absorb sound.

The mechanism of absorption at the core of a Woodcoustics panel is called the principle of Helmholtz resonance, named after the German physician Herr Hermann Helmholtz, who discovered this phenomenon in 1863. Small grooves and a large cavity in the material ensure that medium and low frequencies (= human voice) are efficiently absorbed.  

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Primawool is an acoustic solution with a low density, combining a white 100 % polyester fiber with a white fabric on one side, ideal for wall and ceiling as well as for the filling up of Baffles. This Primawool is mounted between the vertical and horizontal framework of an installation.

- 100 % recyclable
- Inodorous
- No emission of VOC's
- Humidity and rot resistant
- Not irritating for skin and eyes
- Euro fire class B-s2-d0

Technical details:
Density (ISO 9073-1)                                         450 g/m²
Thickness E0 (no load)                                      22 mm
Thickness E1 (load of 50 g/50 cm²)                   21 mm
Thickness E10 (load of 500 g/50 cm²                13 mm
Inflammability                                                     < 100 mm/min (self-extinguishing)
Dimensions role (L/W/Tolerances Width)          30 mm / 600 mm / -0 +2 cm

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Requested reverberation time

The requested reverberation time (in seconds) depends on the kind of application.
Some examples:

Office:                                              0,5 - 0,8
Meeting room:                                 0,6 - 0,8
Receptiont:                                      0,6 - 1,0
Waiting room:                                  0,7 - 1,0
Classroom:                                      0,5 - 0,8
Practics' room:                                 0,6 - 0,8
Swimming pool or sports hall:         1,2 - 1,5
Restaurant:                                      0,5 - 0,7
Bar:                                                  0,8 - 1,0
Recording studio:                             0,2 - 0,4
Warehause or production hall:         0,7 - 1,0
Living room:                                      0,4 - 0,7

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All technical product data at a glance?

Woodcoustics offers you all information at a glance. The technical brochure informs you about teh principle of the acoustic absorbing panels, the products and features, the installation and the finishing possibilities. You can downlaod the file here, on the hompeage or in the Downloads section under. Should you need a printed version or would you like to have samples, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form.

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